Thrift Urban Housing Limited is a charity offering patient advocacy. An advocate is a person who can help you find information, advice and treatments, who will know the specific questions to ask, and who will support you and your family in getting the answers. Thrift are also working to recruit and promote advocate volunteers called Gillian Advocates.

Thrift Urban Housing
Registered Office:
405 Kings Road
SW10 0BB

Tel: 020 8772 6594

or by email:

Please bear in mind that we are a small organisation and so we are not always able to reply to enquiries as swiftly as we would like to do.

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The Gillian Alman
Cholangio Trust

The Gillian Alman Cholangio Trust has been formed as a single response to this illness. It takes referrals from Thrift Urban Housing to assist with grants for those who wish to approach early testing, or, in the lateness of an illness, seek treatments not yet available in the UK.

Telephone: 07761 710711